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Thread: Lutron devices unrecognized in Amazon Alexa

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    Lutron devices unrecognized in Amazon Alexa

    Hi all, has anyone had any trouble with Amazon Alexa not recognizing any of the Caseta devices? This began happening yesterday. Based on posts in the Lutron skills page in Alexa, this has happened to many people yesterday.

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    Lutron had a server problem yesterday. A message showed up on the Caseta app.

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    Thanks for the reply. It looks like the server problem has been resolved, and the message no longer appears on the Caseta app, however all of the Lutron devices in Alexa still show as unresponsive. I have disabled and enabled the Lutron skill in Alexa, tried rediscovering all the devices, but nothing seems to work. I'm still unable to control Caseta devices through Alexa. The Caseta app works fine, I'm able to control all of the switches through the app, so it looks like the link between Lutron and Alexa is broken.

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