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Thread: PD-6WCL turn on delay

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    PD-6WCL turn on delay

    My dimmer suddenly developed a random turn on delay! The LEDs indicate full brightness but no light. Now sometimes they turn on as expected but not often. At other times I can get them on by turning on another power hungry appliance on the same circuit.

    Think the dimmer was bad I replaced it with a brand new one but the problem remains.

    Once the lamps are on the dinner works as expected without issues. The problem is just getting them on.

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    LED lights have drivers that control the LED. Depending on the driver, there is usually some delay as all the capacitors and other electronics in them get charged up to convert the line voltage to whatever DC voltage the LEDs need. Even if you put a switch it will do the same thing.

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    I'm having a similar issue after 8 months of it working just fine. Also when I use the middle button on the Pico remote the lights turn on at full brightness for a few seconds then turn off and then back on at the preset level. I tried a reset and that didn't correct the problem. Wondering if theres any other troubleshooting I can try?

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