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Thread: Old Homeworks HRD Wireless Dimmer

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    Old Homeworks HRD Wireless Dimmer

    Anyone know if there is a special factory reset operation for these? Installed a used HRD-10D the other day and although it operates as a dimmer, has a serial number, and its sticker displays the HRD-10D model number, the triple tap process does nothing during addressing and the triple tap and hold method of resetting it is unresponsive.. Almost like the control brains of the unit are gone? Just seeing if I'm missing something before I toss it i the garbage!

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    Thank you for your post dacookster,These dimmers do default a bit differently.

    Step 1: Slide or pull out the FASSTM switch (air gap switch) to the OFF Position (to the left or fully out).

    Step 2: Simultaneously press and hold the raise rocker and paddle switch.

    Step 3: While continuing to hold, slide or push in the FASS switch to the ON Position (to the right or fully in). After a few seconds, the LEDs will begin to chase upward.

    Step 4: Release the raise rocker and paddle switch and then simultaneously press and hold the lower rocker and paddle switch. The light that the dimmer controls will turn ON and OFF a few times.The dimmer has now been returned to Factory Default Settings.Hope this helps!

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