This is probably a question for any electrical gurus out there. :) The triathlon motors are rated at 6-12vdc, 5 watts, which I assume is their max power draw while operational. I'm wondering about the power draw when the motor is NOT operating, i.e., is the unit continuously drawing power so as to be reachable by the RF controllers?

I ask because I'm trying to determine whether a jamb-mounted wireless power transfer device could power a door-mounted shade. (For the sake of discussion, take battery-powered shades and power-transfer hinges off the table.) These devices are most commonly used for door-mounted security hardware, and they do meet the power requirements of the triathlon motor. But they're rated for "intermittent-duty" (not continuous), so I guess I'm unclear whether the shade motor would be considered continuous- or intermittent-duty.

Anyone have any thoughts?