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Thread: Remote Programming over VPN

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    I was hoping it was just a software side issue and not firmware. Either way is unacceptable. When the client complains I have to bill them roll a truck to do something we initially told them I could do remotely can I send Lutron the bill instead?

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    Umm its been a month and no update on this?? This is ridiculous.

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    I have emailed them a few times... "It's coming"

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    Well I wish the'yd get off their asses and patch this. Almost 2 months actually since I posted initially and nothing. This is a major issue and if they know how to fix it why not put up a patch?

    I have another change to make on a system and now its a 3 hour trip there and back. I think I am seriously done with Lutron and will only spec Crestron lighting/shades from now on. This is maddening.

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    I feel the same way. I would encourage you to have a look at the UPB powerline-based stuff. While most people laugh at powerline, the systems are extremely cost-effective and work consistently. And the remote programming ability always works!

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    Yet more time ticks by, and yes another 4 hour round trip to make programming changes. I'm glad Lutron knows what the problem is so we can wait around for them to fix this critical issue. Well maybe they'll fix it in 2016...

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    9.3 has been posted. It supposedly fixes the VPN issue. Why don't you beta test it for everyone else!

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    That's been up since October. I would have thought if the fix was in there they would have suggested it in this topic. So I'll pass. I spend enough time beta testing their release software as it is...

    Thanks for the laugh! :)

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    I'm trying to be helpful here. 9.3 was just posted to yesterday. It replaced 9.2. I spoke with Lutron yesterday. 9.3 specifically addresses the issue with connection over VPN. I can tell you that I have already tried to connect to remote main repeaters and it is able to connect where 9.2 could not. I have not taken any further than those connections though as I don't want to do firmware over VPN. It is showing signs of progress.

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    9.3 is also up on myLutron if you are registered
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