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Thread: Two Main Repeaters for Two RS232 Integrations

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    Two Main Repeaters for Two RS232 Integrations

    Hi. I am designing a RA2 system that will include fewer than 100 devices. I plan to use some of the keypads to trigger Somfy shades. Somfy sells a device that integrates with the Main Repeater through the RS232 port to accomplish that. However, I'd also like to integrate the system with a Leviton/Hai OmniPro2 as I've done elsewhere. That is also accomplishes via the Main Repeater's RS232 port.I'm wondering if I can have such a set up (presumably) by using two Main Repeaters. I don't need the second repeater because of the device limitation but only to have a second RS232 connection. Of course, for this to work properly, both controllers (the Somfy and the OmniPro) will need to "see" all of the devices controlled by either of the two Main Repeaters. Does anybody know if that will work?Thanks.

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    It should. Lutron broadcasts everything, everywhere. If you press button 1 on keypad 1, Somfy should recognize that as a command to do something while HAI should ignore it. Both systems should be able to ignore commands that don't apply to them as they will see lots of dimmer and button presses that don't apply.
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