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Thread: Homeworks QSX programming issues

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    Homeworks QSX programming issues

    Working on programming a QSX system and there is no internet at the house yet as it is still a jobsite. Connected the processors to the internet at the shop and activated them using Took them to the job site and started activating moduels and keypads. Had an issue occasionally when transferring that would state the firmware needed updating even though the firmware it said it needed was the version it was already on. But I was able to connect using the Lutron app to use my phone to walk around and test loads and dimming. I see the new release 16.3.2 and the release notes say "Fixed an issue where transfers could fail until a power cycle of the processor is performed" so I think maybe this will stop the issue I kept seeing about firmware. I update my laptop to while at the shop and then I go to the jobsite and connect and it updates the firmware on the processors. Turns out I still get the same occasional can't transfer. But worse now I can't connect using the Lutron app and I get a message that I need to connect the processors to the internet so they can update. Anyone know how to fix this without pulling the processors and taking to the shop again? Thanks

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    My guess is that the software is going online to find what the most recent version is. Since it can't find it, it assumes the version you have is out of date. Other than the nag screens, I don't believe it affects operation.

    The transfer fails sounds like a network issue. How long until the permanent network is in?
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