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Thread: Two led lights bright, five are dim ... (on high setting)

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    Two led lights bright, five are dim ... (on high setting)

    I have a Caseta Wireless Dimmer In Wall switch (PD-6WCL) running seven 14W led lights on one circuit (Sunco 6" ultra-slim down light). When switched to brightest setting, two of the lights come on bright but five of them remain dim (approx. half). If I leave them on 10-15 minutes, the five dim will turn bright.Specs say max 150W on a circuit so I should be okay there (7x14=98).Any clues on what is causing this and how to remedy? (the electrician that installed them is not sure). Thanks for any help.

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    Very possible the Sunco LED's are just not compatible with the dimmer. May want to check using the following site for compatibility.

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