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Thread: leviton w-s-896

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    leviton w-s-896

    I’m trying to replace the switch listed in the title with a PD-6wcl. The currently installed switch is a single pole switch with 2 brass screws , 2 black screws, and the ground. Each black screw Has a hot jumper coming from its own black screw on a single pole switch of the same style that controls the flood lights. The two brass screws both have a wire hooked to them that runs up the conduit to the lights. There are four light fixtures powered by this one switch. I have pictures but I do not see how I can post them. Can I replace this switch with my Lutron switch? And if not what kind of a smart switch is available that I can replace it with?

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    What you are describing is a 4-way switch. A multi-location switch circuit starts and ends with 3-way switches and has 4-way switches in the middle. The 6WCL would replace one of the 3-way switches. There are instructions for replacing the remaining switches with Pico remotes.

    It's possible you have a double-pole switch. You should get an electrician to fix that before converting to any kind of control.
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    No, It is a single pole switch there’s only one switch that controls the lights there are no other switches if you look up the model that I stated of the switch Leviton states it is a single pole switch and it says on and off on the rocker thing. That was the reason I stated the exact model of the switch because I knew people would say that it was a multi way switch configuration and if that was the case I wouldn’t be here. This is SINGLE POLE.

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