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Thread: Lost devices after app update

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    Lost devices after app update

    After applying the current version of the Lutron app today, it no longer shows any devices. I have multiple light switches, dimmers, pico’s, and fan switches previously working flawlessly on the Lutron app. I noticed today an update available so I downloaded it. After opening the newest version, none of my devices are stored. It is asking for a home controller (and can’t find one) but I never had one before. The devices used to be connected directly to the app without a hub. Any help is appreciated.

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    Correction, there is a hub, sorry for the mistake. The hub still can’t be found by the app.

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    The Lutron app talks directly to the Caseta bridge. Try rebooting the bridge. Make sure you are on the same network. Make sure you have the right app. Lutron has a couple and they look very similar.
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