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Thread: HWI keypads top button blinking fast and no responding

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    HWI keypads top button blinking fast and no responding

    This is a converted HWI to QS system from around 4 years ago. Most loads are controlled via QS wall mount modules and controlled via legacy HWI keypads. There was some sort of power issue in the house and the lights had turned off and now the keypads are blinking only at the top button. Is it a power issue? I should add that at the time of installation, we found there was no proper wall mount power supply and the universal plug-in power supply had also died so we just put in another universal power supply (had more than needed capacity and we didn't want to charge customer $600 and a bunch of labor to install a wall mount power supply).

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    Yup! It turned out to be the power supply. Put in another 3rd party one and hopefully it'll be good for another 4 years. I wish Lutron had a plug-in one that could handle more than 10 devices.

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