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Thread: Dimmer Brass to black conductor

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    Dimmer Brass to black conductor

    Using an RD-RD Ra2 dimmer and companion dimmers for multiple location switching, does the conductor going between switch locations that is following the brass screw-to-black screw have constant 120V, or is it switched like a traditional traveller? Point being, is there a way to jump constant 120V from an intermediate switch location to power something else, like a keypad?

    My hope would be that the brass-to-black is constant 120V and the blue-to-blue is dimmer signal.


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    Hello,Thank you for posting on the Lutron Support forums. You can use 120 volts off the Master's black screw, but not the companions. The Master does dim the lights, reducing the voltage coming off that screw. For Companions, the black and brass pass through a constant 120 Volts to the master. The companions after the master pass through the voltage the master is outputting - if the lights were being dimmed, any jumped power off those companions would also be dimmed. As long as the Master is the dimmer you're jumping from, you can jump off the Black Screw to power something like a keypad. We hope this helps.- Jonathan C

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    It depends on the location of the RD in the circuit. Generally, power comes in at one end, goes through the various devices and up to the light at the other end. You typically want the dimmer at the end where the wire goes up to the light. In that scenario the RD at the beginning has a constant 120v.

    I have not tested it but, per Jonathan C, you could use power off any RD if it is wired as noted above. Any other wiring would have reduced voltage at the RDs.

    You are correct, the blue wire/terminal is used for communication. The voltage will change.
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    If the RD is on the Line side of the 3-way then yes, but if its' on the load side, then no.

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