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Thread: RRD-H5BRL Button not working after programming

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    RRD-H5BRL Button not working after programming

    I just installed a H5BRL. Prior to programming the first button would control the load with no issues (on/off). After adding the keypad to the system and setting the keypad up with various other assignments, Button 1 will only turn the selected item on. I have tried internal load and I have tried assigning it to a different switch in the environment. If I program button 5 to control the internal load it work fine. The issue is related to Button 1. I have done a Factory reset on the keypad a couple times already.Any thoughts?

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    I would try deleting the keypad and control station from the software. Reset the physical keypad to factory defaults. Then try adding it again. My thought is that when you added the keypad the first time a glitch occurred. The only way to clear it is to delete the keypad/CS.
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    Randy, Thanks for the suggestions, none of them worked. Even via the IOS app the keypad doesn't work correctly. It's almost like the RRD-H5BRL object is broken in 12.7. I have a H6BRL that is working fine elsewhere through multiple reloads of the system. The H5 just will not work.I did setup a PICO remote for the same object and it has no problem controlling the load on the H5. Very Strange.Any other thoughts?Thanks!

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    Hello, We apologize for the issue you're encountering. It might be a range issue or programming issue. For further support, we would advise reaching out to us via email with more details of your issue or contacting us while you're on site via phone; 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661).Thank you!Jonathan C.

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