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Thread: Life of Homeworks system

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    Life of Homeworks system

    What is the expected life of a Homeworks system? How long should it be expected to work 100% before needing to be replaced due to failures or obsolescence?

    5, 10, 15 years?



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    I started installing HomeWorks in 2000. Most of those systems are working well. A small percentage have issues. Typically related to the failure of the onboard, rechargeable battery. I also service some older systems that are still going strong.
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    There are various parts of a system that can fail. Processor, power supply, Keypads, dimmers, RPMs, etc. So far with Lutron I've only seen one series 4 processor fail completely in less than 10 years. The rest of the issues have been things like power supplies or other parts failing. 10 years without any major major issues should easily be expected.

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