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Thread: Lights are not turning on when keypad buttons are pressed.

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    Question Lights are not turning on when keypad buttons are pressed.

    I am an end user and am pretty sure I have the Homeworks QS, but cannot tell by the LED screen. I have lights in 2 rooms that are not turning on when either I hit "all on" or hit each button individually on the keypads. The Maestro dimmer & switches work when manually hit. Is this a programming problem? They used to work and just stopped. If it is programming, how would I fix it?

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    Where is the LED? Anyway, it's not unheard of for a device to loose it's RF address. You will need the programming software to readdress it.
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    Lutron does not have LED screens so it sounds like you have one system that's been set up to talk to the Lutron system and somewhere, the connection between the two has been interrupted. You have to find out what system the touch screen is and call someone who knows how to work with that system...and perhaps another person that is a Lutron dealer. Hopefully you can find one that can do both so you only have to pay a bunch of money to one person instead of two. I only deal with Lutron stuff and I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a call from someone who bought a house where the original installer put EVERYTHING on their proprietary touch screen system and when it failed, they couldn't turn on their lights or work the HVAC or other less critical systems. At least in your case you have maestros as backups!

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