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Thread: Dimming Switch and Fan Control Switch in same switch box

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    Question Dimming Switch and Fan Control Switch in same switch box

    Is it possible to use both the Caseta fan switch as well as the Caseta dimmer switch on the same fixture? I tried a few things and was unable to get it to work, perhaps I have a bad dimmer switch. Full details below

    I had a switched outlet in one room in my house that I wanted to change.
    So I ran a 3 conductor 12 gauge wire from the switch box to the center of the room where I planned on installing a new ceiling fan with light kit.
    Installed the fixture after replacing sheetrock and painting and such.

    --- Wiring ---
    FAN BOX:
    Black = Fan switch leg
    Red = Light switch leg
    White = Common Neutral
    Bare = Ground

    All existing black wires tied together and existing red wire (Receptacle switch leg) added to group == Line Power
    All existing whites tied together == Common Neutral ++++ Added White from new 3 conductor cable
    All existing bare tied together == Ground ++++ Added bare from new 3 conductor cable
    New Black = Fan Leg for Caseta Fan control switch
    New Red = Light Leg for Caseta Dimmer Switch

    Once I had everything wired properly (I am a qualified electrician BTW and have used Caseta in my previous home, just not with a Caseta fan switch as they didn't exist at that time)
    I turned power back on and tested the functionality.
    The Fan switch worked wonderfully and changed the speed on all 4 settings.
    The Dimmer switch did absolutely nothing. The blue indicator light on the bottom never illuminated either (Which is why I think it may be a defective switch) - I tried pulling the shutoff tab on the bottom and everything to no avail.

    So I decided to try a non-dimming Caseta switch thinking perhaps because of the neutral hookup to the fan switch perhaps it was causing some sort of issue (doubtful).
    Installed that, powered everything on and the switch works with a weird stipulation. If I turn the light off and then back on it stays off... I actually have to go pull the chain twice for it to turn back on which is weird.. Perhaps that is neutral related as this switch requires a neutral to work, I'm not sure on this one..

    So I decided to try a simple single pole switch on the light to see if the issue was with the fan itself... Wired that up, turned on power and it functions perfectly.

    Attached are some photos of the switches / switch box / ceiling fixture

    But yeah, I'm just curious if the fan switch and dimmer switch are supposed to work together. I could really care less about the single pole/three pole smart switch -- I'd rather use that elsewhere that wont require dimming.

    Thanks for your time, I know that was a lot!

    Chris Loving
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    If your device has a neutral connection you must use it. There may be 1 or 2 instances where it will work without the neutral. However, connecting the neutral just makes life easier.

    The indicator light on the dimmer not glowing means no power or a load issue. Generally the minimum load is 1 LED but could be more depending on the LED itself.

    The dimmer and fan control will work together fine. Since the dimmer, fan control, fan, and light are all using the same neutral there should be no neutral interaction. It is possible you are getting some noise on the neutral from something else. I would try just connecting the dimmer and light.
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    Similar question. I am about to order ceiling fans with LED light kits, planning to install a caseta fan switch and dimmer switch. Most led fans use wireless receivers or have spotty info. I found one by Modern Fan that can be configured either 2-wire or 3-wire. I hoped 3-wire would do it, but now I wonder if 4 wires need to be run to have 2 hots and 2 neutrals? I am not an electrician. I just want to buy the right fan and hand the electrician good instructions.

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    2 wire means that you will be controlling the fan and the light from the pull chains on the fan itself. Or from a remote control provided with the fan. 2 wire will include a Hot (Black), Neutral and a Ground. 3 wire means that you will have the capability of controlling the light and the fan separately from a wall switch location provided that there is a three-wire conductor installed between the switch location and the fan ceiling box. 3 wire will contain: Hot (Black), another Hot (red), a Neutral and a Ground. Using the same Neutral for the fan motor and the Lights should not present a problem.

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    Hi Chris, any luck with the light switch? I have the same issue, but with a different lutron model (PD-5ANS-WH-R). I use to have dimmer (Lutron) connected to my fan LED light, and I decided to switch to a non dimmer.

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