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Thread: Dimmer switch takes 15-30 seconds to turn lights on

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    Dimmer switch takes 15-30 seconds to turn lights on

    I have the TGCL-153P and it does work in terms of dimming the lights properly. However, when we first flick the light switch it often times takes 15-30 seconds to activate the lights even when the dimmer is on full. Is this unusual? I have other dimmers in the house and the instantly turn on.

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    You are way past unusual. Check the wiring. For a single location, power comes in on the copper/black terminal and goes up to the light on the brass screw on the opposite side. If you have a 3-way or 4-way make sure the right wire is connected to the copper/black screw. The dimmer can only go in the 3-way location, not at the 4-way location(s). You can only have 1 dimmer per zone. The rest of the devices are mechanical 3-way or 4-way switches.
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