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Thread: Pico Remote Not Remembering Favorite Setting

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    Pico Remote Not Remembering Favorite Setting

    I've set up a new Pico Remote through the Lutron app and was trying to have it remember a Favorite setting for 3 of my dimmers (10% brightness)I've tried holding the favorite button for 6+ seconds and saw the pico remote green light flash before letting go.However, when I click the favorite button it sets all 3 dimmers to 50% brightness, which seems like the default.The pico is not remembering my favorite settings. Anyone else running into this issue?I did not run into this issue when i set up 2 other pico remotes a month ago.iPhone Lutron app updated to v7.4.0. Maybe this update version is the issue?

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    The favorite function is local to the Pico. It doesn't use the app or the bridge/program for this function. If it is not working the Pico is broken. You should contact the place you purchased it. They may refer you to Lutron.
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