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Thread: RRD-6ND backward operation

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    RRD-6ND backward operation

    We have a RRD-6ND in a 4way application with 2 companion dimmers. On the 6ND when the lower toggle is pressed the light level increases but when the raise toggle is pressed the light level decreases. The switch is operating in reverse. Both of the companion dimmers work normally and the app functions normally. Has anyone else run into this issue? This house seems to be getting all of 'the firsts'

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    Make sure you have power-in on the black and out to the load/next device on the brass (for all 3 devices).

    Neutral devices generally need to go at the end where the wire goes up to the light.
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    Seems stupid, but make sure the dimmer isn't upside down. I would think miswiring would cause other issues besides the inverted rocker.

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