Is there any product that I can control/change the color of a light strip using the Smart Bridge Pro2 and homekit without having to buy a bridge (Hue, GE, etc)?

If the answer is get a bridge, somebody give me the lowdown on which door to crack? Hue seems cool, I like some of the GE stuff such as the Align system and just want some opinion from you guys.
At first I just want to have an under the sink light strip come on when I enter the bathroom, and was going to wire it up to the same Maestro sensor switch as my overhead lights, but I would like to be able to control the color too. Hoping for a simple solution or a solid direction for which aditional hub/platform to add on.

Bonus question ;) I have a LED panel that takes 0-10v to dim, and the supplier says the Lutron DTSV switch works well, but of course I can't control that switch via Caseta without buying a relatively expensive additional piece of hardware. Any work around?