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Thread: How to select matching Maestro Dimmers and Switches?

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    How to select matching Maestro Dimmers and Switches?

    Am I correct in understanding that if my color is brown, Gloss is the only finish option? My light fixture uses 4 100 watt equivalent LEDs. I'm considering using a Lutron Maestro LED + Dimmer MACL-153M-BR near one door to a room and the companion dimmer MA-R-BR near another door. Does anyone see anything wrong with this plan or a better option?Now I want to make all other switches in my house that operate non-dimmable LEDs match the above look. Which switches should I select?Thanks,

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    In the HomeWorks world, Maestro devices are available in Gloss, Satin, and Matte colors. Non-system Maestros are available in Gloss and Satin only. However, you can get a button kit and change the color to Matte.

    I saw a different button kit model number for the MA-PRO. I would check with Tech Support to verify if the Matte button kits will fit the PRO devices.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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