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Thread: Dimmer Issue with Power Loss

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    Angry Dimmer Issue with Power Loss

    I am trying to setup my pico at the other switch location in a 3 way circuit. So far though I have not been able to disconnect the switch at that location without losing power to my In Wall Dimmer. Directions says to connect/cap all wires at that location except for ground. When I do this I lose power to the In Wall Dimmer. I have been trying to figure which combination of the wires at that location to connect to keep power constant to the dimmer but when using the multimeter I get 0 reading on every terminal. When I flip the switch I notice one direction gives power to my switch and the other direction kills the power to the switch. Also for some reason I have 5 wires on the 3 way switch I am trying to place the pico at. Each traveler has 2 wires and then the Common has 1.

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    SOLVED. Thought it out logically and fixed it. Sorry for the trouble. I tried deleting but I guess was past 5min limit.

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    Glad we could help!
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