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Thread: Ctcl-153pr

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    When I bought my house, the previous owner installed a heap incandescent dimmer for the ceiling fan/light. He also installed dimmable LEDs. Needless to say, it did not work well. I replaced the old dimmer, with what I thought we be correct...a Lutron CTCL-153PR...since it is made for LEDs. I did the research...but now I have a different problem. I know I'm not going to use the dimmer to control the fan need, it's a three speed pull chain fan. The LEDs dim fine now...but as soon as I pull the chain for the fan, it vibrates and makes a horrible noise...even though the Lutron is on highest brightness. Now I have nice control of my LEDs, but lost the use of my fan. Now what?

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    The CTCL is not designed to work with fan motors.

    We typically use a 3-wire for ceiling fans. Black for the motor, red for the light, white is neutral. It is possible the black and red got tied together in the switch box or at the motor. If so, just separate them so you can control the fan and light separately.

    If you only have 2-wires at the fan (black, white) you will need a fan/light control with a canopy module. The canopy module is a "black box" that installs in the fan canopy and can be controlled by a wall and/or remote controls.

    I would also check to make sure the ceiling box is rated for a ceiling fan.
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