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Thread: Correct Caseta dimmer type for Et2 lighting

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    Correct Caseta dimmer type for Et2 lighting

    We are currently under construction on a new build and plan to use Caseta switches throughout the house, mostly using the PD-10NXD pro dimmers as it seems the neutral wire will provide better reliability and compatibility.One of the light fixtures is the ET2 Fizz pendants and the spec sheet says it requires a ELV or Triac CL dimmer. And on the instructions themselves it says to use a Triac dimmer such as Lutron DVCL-150P or DVCL-153P. It specifically says do not use a 0-10v or magnetic dimmer.Is there a Caseta dimmer that will work with this fixture? We are installing 4 that will be wired to the same switch.Thank you!

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    The PD-5NE Caseta Dimmer is designed for ELV lighting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxFLBear View Post
    The PD-5NE Caseta Dimmer is designed for ELV lighting.
    Thank you!!

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