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Thread: Multi-way Lutron Maestro with Smart Switch

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    Multi-way Lutron Maestro with Smart Switch

    I have a 3 switch setup for my stair lights and replaced the 4-way portion with a dumb switch, a Kasa 3-way smart switch and a Lutron Maestro on the last 3-way leg. If the light has been powered off for an extended period of time, the dimmer switch will not work to power the light on, however if I turn on the light via the dumb 4-way or smart switch then the switch behaves properly. Also the dimmer will be fine for a while, maybe a few hours if the lights have been powered on; the other two switches including the smart switch always work properly. Does anybody know what might be causing this? I assumed the dimmer switch was always active and getting power from the hot and one of the travelers but apparently that doesn't seem to be the case unless it's powered on.

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    I'm not sure what you have going on but Maestro is not compatible with KASA or any other smart switch.

    The MACL-153M can be used with a single, mechanical 3-way switch. If you have a 4-way (3 or more locations) you must use Maestro Remote Dimmers (MA-R, MSC-AD) at the other locations.
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