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Thread: Is Caseta compatible with Hi Lume 1% LED Drivers?

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    Is Caseta compatible with Hi Lume 1% LED Drivers?

    I've googled, searched the forums, and read the manuals and have not been able to find a definitive answer:

    Is there a Hi Lume LED driver (such as LTEA4U1UKL-CV240) that is compatible with a Lutron Caseta switch (such as PD-5NE)?

    I am looking to power a set of 9' led strips (24V, around 38W total per strip) in undermount shelving using Hi Lume drivers, one 40W driver for each strip, both connected to a Caseta switch.
    Looking at the Hi Lume specifications and manuals, some list only Diva, Radio RA2, and other non-Caseta switches. Going through the forums, there is only a 2017 post discussing Hi Lume "A Series" or "L3D" drivers, saying that the "L3D" specifically will only work with Caseta if you wire them through an interface such as PHPM-3F-DV-WH.
    Looking at the full specifications for the 2020 Hi Lume 1% 2-Wire LED Driver ( it lists both 2-wire and 3-wire Caseta switch options, but since it is discussing an entire family of Hi-Lume drivers, it is unclear which specific drivers are compatible with these switches. It is clear that certain Hi-Lume drivers only work with Ecosystem controls.

    Does anyone know the answer or where I could look to find out? Thank you!

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    Call tech support. One of the options is ballast selection. They can help you chose the right driver and control.

    Caseta doesn't have a 3-wire dimmer which is why the one document said you would need the PHPM interface. There should be a 2-wire solution.
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