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Thread: Very newbie question - minimal set of components

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    Very newbie question - minimal set of components

    Hi.I bought a house where the previous owner (an electrician) installed a RadioRA2 system. There is a grafik Eye QS panel controlling all the lights in the kitchen/dining/living room area, and then a number of switches and dimmers around the house. I also have a TableTop keypad. Should there be a "main repeater" somewhere in the house that controls all these "pieces" together?Have a nice dayGV

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    Somewhere there is a main repeater and, depending on the layout of your home, there are possibly one or more auxiliary repeaters. In my home the main repeater is hidden in the entry coat closet and there is a aux repeater in the master bedroom closet and one in a upper kitchen cabinet.

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    Once it is programmed it is possible for the system to work without the main repeater. All the devices would have to be fairly close. If the original main repeater is gone, you will have to set the devices to factory default and start programming from scratch.

    For programming and app control, the main repeater uses Ethernet. I typically put it near the router.

    You may also have a Connect Bridge. A small box about 3" square and 1" thick. It allows remote access and voice control. If you have a white one, contact tech support. The upgrade program may still be in place. It requires Ethernet access so it is typically near the router. It is an optional feature so you may not have one.
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    Look through the house in the equipment room, garage, pantry, attic, etc. I really hope there is one and the previous owner didn't cheat you by taking it away. Once programmed, the keypads can still send out a signal that the dimmers hear so the system can appear to work but it's probably not very reliable and you certainly can't change any programming or add new devices or use the app. It also means that you would have to do a complete reprogramming with a new main repeater.

    Now days that these are selling points to the house and integrated with AV and other things, it's rare for an owner or electrician to take them away but I remember with the original (classic) Radio Ra when the repeaters were like $700 each, a lot of shady installers would install the system and if it looked like it was working, take the main repeater with them for another job. Then when I would come along to troubleshoot the **** thing, I couldn't find the main repeater and couldn't do anything.

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    I will add that if the Main is missing, devices respond in a slow, haphazard way most of the time. If you press a button on a keypad, everything should be very quick and reliable. RA2 shouldn't feel clunky or slow. The previous owner probably threw it in with the WiFi router not really knowing what it is. If you can contact them they might give it back, it is likely of no use to them.

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