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Thread: How can I setup Cesata Pro Bridge for 3rd Party integration with RTI Processor?

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    How can I setup Cesata Pro Bridge for 3rd Party integration with RTI Processor?

    I'm having trouble getting the bridge and the XP-3 RTI processor talking to one another. nothing seems to work I read somewhere that your supposed to go into settings and select "Telnet Support" then its supposed to bring up a section where you can set a username and password for third party integration.Then enter that same info into the driver on the processor. Well when I click it inside the lutron app, it doesn't bring up an option to set one. I did some more research and found out that the default that they normally use was terminated and they no longer use the default user and password which was Username:lutron Pass:integration because of security risks? I also did little more research and found that you could use the username and password that i created when i set up the Lutron app and put that as the TCP Username And TCP Password inside the processor driver. Still nothing can someone please help tech support so far has not been much help. They think that it should be working and didn't seem to know what i was talking about.

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    Sounds like the Telnet has not been enabled in the app. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Telnet Support.After that the bridge takes a few minutes (10 minutes minimum) before it displays the option to enter Telnet username and password. I do not believe you are able to change the default Telnet credentials.

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