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Thread: Lights not turning off with wireless switch and occ sensors

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    Lights not turning off with wireless switch and occ sensors

    I have a two button PICO wireless switch (On and Off) paired with a PowPak RMJS-8T-DV-B and (2) LRF2-ocr2b-wh. The OCC sensors are set to 15 minutes and medium activity. The customer says they are staying on for hours. Does anyone know what could cause this condition?

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    Are you able to manually turn the RMJS-8T-DV-B off with both the pico remote and by manually pressing buttons on the Powpak? Also, is the Pico remote paired to a Caseta SmartBridge or is it standalone? Next, can you manually turn the lights on and off from the sensor by tapping the light bulb buttons on the LRF2 sensors. Finally, are any of the sensors within 10 ft. of a router or wifi extender?Also, going forward please post Vive questions in the Vive Forum section.
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    Yes, I can turn the lights on and off either at the Pow Pad or the Pico switch. When I set the two Occ sensors to 1 minute, they work fine. I filmed it to show the general contractor. But, he was there yesterday and said the lights came on and won't go back off. So, in effect, it works for me, but not for him. Is there a way that he may be causing this? Like hitting the on button on the Pico to somehow override the occ sensor's timeout?The pico is paired with the pow pak and the two occ sensors only.

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