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Thread: Blinking LEDs on Dim Cycle

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    Blinking LEDs on Dim Cycle

    Another system (Vantage) supports a dim cycle in a different way than Lutron. When the user does a press-hold, the lights will dim to off, then immediately change to brighten. This is a very intuitive and convenient interface.

    Lutron requires that to do the same, the user has to press a button to cause dimming, release the button, wait a few seconds while the LEDs dim, and then can press the button to brighten the lights.

    Is there a way to program a Lutron system to do the same, or at least get close? Can we eliminate the release and wait? Can we shorten the time when the LEDs are brightening, so a user could almost immediately press the button a second time to start brightening the lights?

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    I've never experienced the "few seconds" thing. Every time I have used cycle dim, if you release for 2 seconds the button goes back to toggle mode.
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    Thank you for your Post KayRJay.

    We would need to have release and wait. That is what tells us what direction to go in. We would recommend emailing in to so we can further discuss what we are looking to do and what our options are for your programming request. Hope this helps!

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