I am trying to install a PD-6WCL dimmer using the 3 way setup. I followed the directions using the in wall dimmer and the pico at location 2. I get zero activity from the dimmer. No lights nothing. Tried the resets and linking processes by holding down the buttons but still no lights, nothing on the indicator lighting up. I was originally using a LED light but after reading the compatibility switched to an incandescent since it seems it should work with any of them. Either way in both scenarios the light comes on when I turn the power back on but no lights or activity in the dimmer switch.Read through some other posts and see someone says to switch the black wires at the dimmer and that fixed it for him which I will try but my understanding is that they are interchangeable?Here are the things I noticed that are different and/or possibly the cause:1. In my wiring diagram for this circuit the power comes to the light first then to location 2 and then to location 1 where the dimmer is. a. Would switching the dimmer from location 1 to location 2 make a difference? b. Location 1 has a single Romex 3 wire (Black/White/Red/Ground) that goes up to location 2 - the White wire was connected to common. c. Does having power come to the light first make a difference for the usability of this switch?2. Location 2 has two Romex cables. One has (Black/White/Red/Ground from location 1) and the other has (Black/White/Ground). They were connected as follows: a. Common Screw: White wire from Location 1 (Romex 1) b. Brass screw on Common side: Red wire from Location 1 (Romex 1) and White wire from Light fixture (Romex 2) c. Brass screw on Opposite side: Both Black wires from Romex 1 and 2 (Location 1 and Light) d. At both locations Grounds were connected to the junction box.If anyone has any insight or setups to try please please let me know. I will be attempting to swap the dimmer with the pico to hopefully get at least some power to the switch to know it isnt faulty (Ive read though that the probability of that is extremely low, like winning the lotto) and if still no activity then I do have a second switch kit I bought that I was going to use in a single pole setup in a bedroom that I could swap with this one to at least confirm the switches health.