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Thread: Crestron module has a 50 ID limit; is there one that is 70 ID ?

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    Crestron module has a 50 ID limit; is there one that is 70 ID ?

    The system I am working on needs 66 IDs ! the Crestron Module is set at 50 IDs.The UMCs are protected so no chance to expand them with out the KEY or a module with the 70 IDs.Any information is helpful thanksjerry

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    Hello. I'm not aware of a unit that will allow 70 ID's. You may need to reach out to Crestron to see what they can advise as this is often a problem being the Caseta System (75 device limit) and RA2 Select systems (100) device limit) both have limits higher then what the Crestron driver allows.

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    The last time I looked, Crestron will not write modules for non-Crestron lighting systems. You will need to contact who ever wrote the module you have and see if they have an updated version. Lutron did write a couple of Crestron modules. If you have a module written by Lutron, you will need to contact Tech Support to get the update procedure started.
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    You will have to email Lutron and hopefully they can forward this request to the module developer. You will probably get better results though reaching out directly to Control Concepts Inc who wrote the QS Crestron modules, so I assume they did the Caseta/Ra2 Select modules.

    I too have issues with the latest QS modules and Lutron support have been mostly useless so I am going to try Control Concepts.

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    Thanks Johnmax. I emailed Lutron they said contact Crestron. I asked crestron they said contact Lutron go figure!I had good luck using the 50IDs so far. I have 67 IDs. Removed all picos then used those IDs for Dimmers, Fan and Switches until I ran out of IDs up to 50. then reinstalled Pico remotes, switches, dimmers beyond 50 IDs.Crestron is really flexible to get around the need for IFTTT needs and logic.thanks for noting Control Concepts, I will also reach out to them.

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