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Thread: Backup Pico in case Ra2 goes down due to internet/power loss with shades

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    Backup Pico in case Ra2 goes down due to internet/power loss with shades

    I have a client who has had their shades be unusable due to either internet or power loss to their Ra2 system and they were wondering if there was a way to use a Pico as a backup remote. They currently use picos wall mounted that control multiple shades in a room, but they said when the internet went out, they lost the ability to open/close them. Just wondering what the best option is for them. I didn't know if I could assign a pico without using Ra2 to the shades and not lose the Ra2 connection in the process.

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    The shade nor the Pico can be part of a RA2 system and a stand-alone system. It has to be one or the other.

    The Pico itself doesn't store any programming. It needs the main repeater to translate and tell the devices what to do.

    Keypads do store programming. If you lose the main repeater but have power to the shade and the keypad, it will work. The keypad and shade would need to be within 30 feet of each other, maybe closer depending on construction.

    If you lose Ethernet/Internet the only thing you should lose is app control.
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    Yeah, that's what I thought as well. Thank you.I think they are using Pico's that are wall mounted, so that's probably why they didn't work when the network and power went down. If the internet was down, their phones very likely switched to cellular when they detected that there was no internet on wifi.

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