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Thread: New House, new to smart stuff

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    New House, new to smart stuff

    I'm trying to use smart switches to cleanup/reduce the number of switches on the walls in places. For example the house is an open floorplan and has a door to the patio where the great and dining room meet. The outdoor lighting has 4 switches that make sense at that location. The dining room has 2. The great room has 3. I don't want 9 switches there. Can I use a RA2 select to help?

    I saw that for 220 systems there were inline units for switched, dimmable, and dimmable 10v. The 110 doesn't get the same love and the line dimmable is absent. Could I use a LMJ-16R-DV-B at the first junction box that a group of lights is on that don't need to be dimmable? If so can I skip a remote and use less frequent lights only through an App? If I could do that I was leaning toward installing a Brilliant that interfaces with Lutron through smart things to control everything through a single switch. I've also thought about a scene remote or 2 to mount there that could basically give me on/off and 6 common settings.

    Lastly if I can't do an inline switch I'm considering having all the physical switches for outdoors in a media closet, the great room physical switches at the other entrance, and just run the brilliant by the door.

    I have been trying to figure all this out but have been struggling with how to make the system function the way I want without excessive switches. It is a smaller town and the electrician was unfamiliar with smart switches.

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    Please make sure you understand the differences between Radio RA2 and Radio RA2 Select:

    Radio RA2 has much more flexibility in terms of what you can use versus Radio RA2 Select.

    Highly recommend you take the Lutron Level 1 training (free) and educating yourself. The training has many videos which are well done. After you take the training you will gain access to the Essentials software for programming Radio RA2 devices. You can start the training process here:

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    You could accomplish some this with RA2, this is out of reach of Select. You would need a seeTouch in the control location and dimmers/switches in a closet/mech room. You could also use the switching module device if you want.

    RA2 is not really designed to be a completely centralized system, but it can do some centralized loads quite well.

    Consider the Designer colors also, they could help with your wall acne problem.

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    I agree with radrioRA2automation - look at the full RadioRA2 vs RA2 Select. In your example, if you move the switches you still need control at that location. RA2 allows you to put a keypad there and reduce it from 9 devices to 1 or 2. I realize putting a Brilliant keypad there is similar to putting a RA2 keypad there. I like to have my systems work independently but integrate with other systems for convenience.

    With Radio RA2 or RA2 Select the electrician will wire the switches the same way he would traditional 3-way/4-way switches with a couple of exceptions. No dead-end 3-ways and a neutral in every box. The neutral is required by code but I still see it now an then.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Thanks for advice, I will learn more about RA2

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    This forum is horribly maintained. So much spammy link posting.

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