I made the mistake of purchasing these Lithonia OneUp 6JBK can lights for my basement remodel last year because Lithonia's documentation said the Caseta PD-6WCL dimmer was compatible:

These lights flicker when dimmed using the Caseta PD-6WCL or PD-5NE-WH. A call to Lithonia was completely worthless. They said try another dimmer, but I questioned why the PD-6WCL was on their compatibility list. I called Lutron and they told me they don't show the 6JBK passing their compatibility tests for any of their dimmers. What was odd was it seemed like the flickering went away on the PD-6WCL as long as I had another light (a standard switch with 3 standard GE LEDs) on the same circuit turned on.

I had decided to try the PD-5NE-WH on my own thinking maybe these lights needed an ELV dimmer and that the neutral wire might help but doesn't seem to make a big difference. Is there anything else I could try short of replacing these lights? Would the PD-10NXD-WH be worth a try? There are many complaints about these lights flicking with dimmers in various reviews but there are a couple reviews that have stated these are line voltage LED dimmers and any newer dimmer designed for LED should work fine. The shame of it is these units do put out a nice quality light if I could just get them to dim reliably.