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Thread: Visor Control Receiver & Garage OH Door

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    Visor Control Receiver & Garage OH Door

    I have a LiftMaster 8550WLB. I control it with the Lutron Visor Control Receiver via the output of the receiver. From the output of the Visor Control Receiver, I have connected a Universal Security Control Module (https://www.creativeaccesssolutions....dule_p_13.html) which then connects to the LiftMaster in the same plugs as the LiftMaster wall control.

    Every now and again, when closing the OH door either using the Visor Control Transmitter or the LiftMaster Wall Control, the OH door will close then stop and then proceed to open. No errors are received on the LiftMaster wall control.

    I had the garage door company come out for service and all of the tensions and such with the OH door are excellent and the tech lubricated and tested everything. Luckily, when the tech came out the he was able to reproduce the issue when he was opening and closing the OH door. After the tech left the issue did not arise for a few days and now it's back to the random issue of not closing all of the way (it will close, then stop and start to open).

    I am troubleshooting to see if it is the Universal Security Control Module and am swapping my existing unit out for a new one to see if that is what is causing the issue.

    Anyone else had issues like this?

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    Hopefully you have this problem resolved by now, but if you are experiencing unintended operation with the Universal Security+ 2.0 Interface Module, be sure that you have not extended the wiring on the input side of the module. The module utilizes a high impedance input, and if you extend the wiring on the input side of the module, it can act as an antenna for environmental noise. As noted in the installation instructions, if you need to extend the wiring due to the distance between your I/O and the opener, install the module at the I/O end and only extend the output wiring between the module and the opener.

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    Thanks. The issue was resolved as I was able to swap out my Universal Security+ 2.0 Interface Module with a new one. No issues since.

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