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Thread: Caseta Wall Dimmer turning on, reason unknown

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    Caseta Wall Dimmer turning on, reason unknown

    I have a wall dimmer randomly turning on. It appears to be at roughly the same times, but I usually walk into the room and notice it so I haven't verified it at exactly the same times. I do have some pairings through Harmony, Google Home and Alexa and Homekit, but I have very carefully looked through those apps for any routine/schedule that would possibly be commanding it. I actually deleted any/every routine outside of Lutron itself to try and alleviate the problem, the issue persist. Is there any way for the end user to look through the logs? I tried downloading them, but they don't appear to be any legible format.

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    You would need to send an email to by going into the app to Settings>Help and sending the email with the support file to them and explaining the issue. They could then take a look at the bridge logs to help look into this. Timestamps for when the actions happened would help.

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