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Thread: Caseta PD-FSQN lights up but doesn’t control fan

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    Caseta PD-FSQN lights up but doesn’t control fan

    I replaced a working Lutron Diva DVFSQ fan switch (connected only with 2 wires & no ground) with a Caseta PD-FSQN. The green lights light up but the switch doesn’t control the fan. Can the Caseta switch not be used with 2 wires and no ground? Why does the Diva switch work fine?

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    Caseta PD-FSQN lights up but doesn’t control fan

    Make sure that it's wired correctly as shown on the install procedure item #6. You will need the neutral and the ground connected. Mine works like a champ.

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    It’s a plastic junction box with no ground wire. Only 2 wires available... a common and hot. Will Caseta not work in this situation? The diva switch works fine like this

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    It sounds like your switch may be back-fed. The short version is the PD-FSQN requires a neutral connection which you do not have. The DVFSQ does not require a neutral.
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