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Thread: Lutron Hub L-BDG2 not setting up

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    Lutron Hub L-BDG2 not setting up

    I have contacted Lutron today and sent them the feedback email, so I won't find out more until next week.

    When setting up the hub the first time, the hub gets stuck on the 8 to 15 minute update screen indefinitely and it never updates and it never sets up and the hub's light is a solid dim glow, no circular movement on the light like it is updating.

    I am using a Netgear C7000-100NAS that is the cable modem and router combined. All of my other wired and wireless devices work and connect to the internet, but this hub does not appear to be connecting to the internet. I can see the MAC and IP address just fine in my router settings.

    I read where my router needs to be set into bridge mode, but with my combo modem/router would I need to get another router and put it into bridge mode and connect this hub to the bridged router? If I have to buy another router, then I might not be using Lutron

    I guess there is a chance that I got a dud out of the box.

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    Try resetting the BDG2 back to factory defaults.

    Setup your Lutron account if you haven't already. Tech support can tell you whether they see the BDG2. If they can't see it, there is an issue with the network setup.

    Bridge mode typically comes into play when you have a router AND a modem/router combo on the same network. Since you have a 2-in-1, I would hope that Netgear, resolved any conflicts.

    Phones and computers are smart enough to find their way to the internet. Other devices like the BDG2, printers, etc. are not smart enough to.
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    Factory Reset L-BDG2

    How does one do a factory reset?

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