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Thread: Does Lutron Connect remote access/control work in the UAE/Dubai?

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    Does Lutron Connect remote access/control work in the UAE/Dubai?

    What protocol does the Lutron Connect mobile app use to connect to a Homeworks QS system? Due to the UAE blocking certain kinds of internet traffic, particularly traffic that appears as VPN traffic, it raises the question whether Lutron Connect works for remote control of a residential property? The UAE is using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) so it is very difficult to circumvent unless you use SSH or SSL tunneling.

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    I believe you are going to have to contact Lutron for that one. I don't think they use VPN but it may appear so because the traffic is targeting a specific address.

    You can email
    LED, Incorporated
    Raleigh, NC 27614

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    Thank you for your post ascomptrs.

    The Connect Bridge to the HomeWorks Processor is using a Telnet connection. If that is not what you are looking we would recommend and email in as Randyc has suggested. Hope this helps!

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