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Thread: Help with Scenes

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    Help with Scenes

    Hi, I have a small residential system set up and operating using the Lutron App. The system has the SmartBridgePro, two dimmers, two pics remotes, a wall switch and a plug in dimmer. The scene works as planned using the app on an iPad but I would like to trigger the scene using one of the wall switches. Maybe a double tap of the ‘on’ button or a long push. Is something like this possible? What are the other ways of triggering a scene without having a mobile phone or iPad present and logged in?Paul

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    No. All of the Caseta buttons are single-press. HomeWorks does support holds, double-tap. etc.

    Pico remotes can be used to trigger scenes.
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    Do I have to use a dedicated Pico remote to trigger a scene or can it be one of the ones I already use as part of a 3-way light switch? Where are the instructions on setting up a Pico to trigger a scene?Paul

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    If you already have the PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 then you could use the circular button in the middle to activate scenes. Will only control the lights it is assigned to. Can program by dimming the lights to the desired level then press and hold the circular button for 6 seconds until light on Pioc flashes.

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