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Thread: 1000+ watts on a single dimmer switch

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    1000+ watts on a single dimmer switch

    Hello, how can 24x 150watt led bulbs be controlled at once with caseta witeless?

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    Look at the PHPM-PA-120. I believe the Caseta dimmer can control 3 of them. You will want to use a neutral dimmer like the PD-10NXD.
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    I agree with Randy on the PHPM. I encourage you to double-check the wattage of your LED bulbs. 24 150W LEDs is a lot of LEDs. I can't recall the last time I saw something that big this side of a large commercial/institutional building.

    You might be looking at incandescent equivalent wattage, not LED wattage.
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    Even if it is a 150W incandescent equal, the initial inrush will most likely cause a fault or dimmer failure. @randyc is correct in recommending the PHPM-PA-120 power booster, and spec is no more than three per neutral wire dimmer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyal0 View Post
    24x 150watt led bulbs
    Are these 150W LED bulbs, or 150W equivalent led bulbs, meaning they put out the same amount of light as a 150W incandescent bulb?

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