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Thread: Schedule motion sensor only during nighttime

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    Schedule motion sensor only during nighttime

    Using a motion sensor (PD-OSENS) paired with a caseta switch to turn on/off front porch lights. Ideally I would like this to happen only during nighttime hours. I set on/off schedules for the switch, but that seems to negate the motion sensor. Is there a way to program this functionality, so that the lights stay off all day, but are then triggered by the motion sensor at night? Thanks for your help!

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    That function is not available in Caseta.

    Caseta works on a last-button-pressed model. If you set the lights to go on at sunset and off at midnight, Caseta issues 2 button-presses, one at sunset and another at midnight. It does not monitor the lights to see if they were turned off.

    The sensor also sends button presses. It sends an on press when it sees motion, and an off press after the time out. If the sensor is triggered at 11:00 pm it will turn the lights on/off.
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    This may be possible using the Pro hub and a third party integration like Hubitat. It’s kind of a lot of work for something so small, but you can certainly go down that path if you wish.

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    I say “may” because I haven’t dealt with Caseta motion sensor, only RadioRA2.
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