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Thread: Honeywell Touchpro Thermostat

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    Honeywell Touchpro Thermostat

    I have been able to activiate a Lutron/Honeywell Touchpro T'stat into my Radiora2 system. However, to control it via the Connect app requires that you register the T'stat on Honeywell TCC web site. When I go there and try to add the device it is looking for a Mac ID.....which only exists with WiFi T'stats. How do I register a Touchpro on the TCC site???Thanks for your help, Andy

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    Hello,Thank you for posting on the Lutron Support forums! Depending on the model of the thermostat, you may not need to register it on the Honeywell app or website. We would suggest calling into the Lutron Support line at 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) with the model number of your thermostat for immediate assistance. The agent will be able to help you get the Thermostat in your Connect app. Thank you!- Jonathan C.

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