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Thread: Lutron exceeding sessions ?

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    Lutron exceeding sessions ?

    We are using connect plus with HWQS 12.2 - using the customers own router and single eth processor. Connect plus works and then just stop talking to the processor. We set up a remote Telnet account to remotely check the processor. After a few days the Telnet session can also no longer connect however can ping the interface - if we however remotely reboot the HWQS every day this does not happen so are assuming we have sort sort of session limit in the processor and when it hits this limit it just loses the abilty to handle another session. This is likely something being generated by the router with neither the router or the Processor shutting down open sessions.Has anyone experienced similar ? Any view on our theory about session limits ? Does anybody know the maximum number of simultaneous open sessions ?

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    Thank you for your post rossyduck.

    You have can 10 active telnet sessions with the processor at one time. The HomeWorks Processor is will maintain all connections until a Telnet lockout would be caused. Telnet lockout happens when 10 bad attempts to login occur within 10 minutes, the HWQS processor locks out new connections to the system for 15 minutes. This is a security feature that was introduced in HWQS 11.5.

    In HWQS 13.0, we introduced even more Telnet security features. One of which was to disable default login credentials. This was to prevent a third party from connecting to any HWQS anywhere once they learn what the default credentials were. When transferring an upgraded database for the first time, you do have the option to not erase the default credentials, but if you select “yes”, then those default credentials are lost.

    This would not be fixed by doing another firmware update. You could power cycle the processor to clear the lockout event or wait the 15 minutes for it to clear. We would recommend you remove all 3rd party integration first and ensure the Lutron system is operational. Once up and running add the 3rd party integration back.

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    So Josh I was told a while ago that I could only have a single third party device connected via Telnet. This is no longer the case? For example in our showroom system we have Crestron talking to a QS system, and I also wanted to have our Savant demo system talk to the same QS system and have both demo control systems work. You are saying this will not be a problem? Will they need unique logins or can they both use the same login credentials?

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