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Thread: Keypad button to select specific light fixture to raise/ lower

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    Keypad button to select specific light fixture to raise/ lower

    Hi, Sorry if this is obvious but I have yet to figure this out: Is there a way to have a keypad with several buttons devoted to specific fixtures (eg chandelier, overheads, etc) that when selected (LED on), the raise/ lower button will adjust that device? I know this already works when lights are part of a scene and you change raise/ lower. BUT, I want to select the light without it jumping to a pre-programmed value. For example: Chandelier is currently off -- Chandelier button selected (LED on), when raise button is pressed, it will increase from 0. Another example, Chandelier currently on -- Chandelier button selected (LED on), chandelier stays at the current level until raise or lower button is pressed. The only way I have been able to accomplish something similar to this is by doing something like a toggle scene and programming the device to start at 0. This sort of works but is annoying if all the user wants to do is adjust a light that is already on.Hope this makes sense, thank you for your help!

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    If you click on the raise/lower buttons you can adjust from raise-lower last button pressed, last button double-pressed, or specific devices. You will want to do specific devices, and select only your chandelier.
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    There is an app for that! Sorry, couldn't resist.

    The only way to do that is through the app. If you turn the dining room on you can go to the chandelier load and raise/lower it from its current level.

    FWIW, another manufacturer used to make a seeTouch-like keypad where the buttons were horizontal rockers. Press the left side to lower, right side to raise, middle to turn off. They quit making them though.
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