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Thread: 12.8 and Yellow Banner - Select Correct Phase

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    12.8 and Yellow Banner - Select Correct Phase

    After upgrading to 12.8, all of my RRD-PRO's now have a yellow banner telling me to select correct phase from advanced settings

    I am using SYLVANIA General Lighting 74287 RT4 throughout the house on either RRD-PRO or RRD-8ANS. Current settings for the RRD-PRO's is:

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    When I originally set these up I used the manufacturer's recommendation ( to use ELV.

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    Hello,Thank you for your inquiry. That message is just a friendly reminder to check the phase of the dimmer to ensure it matches the specification of the LED fixture. The LED manufacturer will be able to provide if the dimmer should be using forward or reverse phase for the best dimming performance. Thank you!- Jonathan C.

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    Thank you.

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