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Thread: Adding a new Keypad to an older Grafik Eye QS

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    Adding a new Keypad to an older Grafik Eye QS

    I've got a system we installed 10 years ago that includes a QSG-6P120 6 zone Grafik Eye and (2) 2 button keypads. I've added a 7 button keypad to the system and went through the local programming to set it for zones 1-7 but it doesn't seem to work. Anything specific I'm missing here? It enters programming mode, I save the settings on the Grafik Eye, it exits programming mode, I can then select the scene buttons 1-7 but they don't do anything. The Grafik Eye and 2 other keypads still work fine.Thank you, John

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    Is this a standalone Grafik Eye or part of the Homeworks QS system? If it's part of the system, you have to program it through Homeworks and not locally...maybe someone else with more experience with graifk eyes cna chime in but from what I've seen, out of the box, they default to "dumb" and any keypad on the link can control any other grafik eye on the link so you either have to program them locally or through the system but not both.

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