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Thread: RRD-Pro for every light type?

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    RRD-Pro for every light type?

    For those who have put in and tested many of these, are you finding there are situations in which you go back to an -ND, -CL or other RRD dimmer control for some reason (setting aside "well i still had some in my inventory" reasons), or is -PRO really now the ultimate lighting dimmer for the RadioRa line and works the best in pretty much every situation? Second - if the RRD-PRO really is now the ultimate control, shouldn't we expect a revised Hybrid Keypad that is based on this new circuitry as well? If I remember right, they previously modified the Hybrid Keypads when they came out with the -CL dimmers? Thanks all!

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    The PRO should be your go-to dimmer from now on. The NA is going to be phased out if it hasn't already. If you are controlling landscape transformers (magnetic) or large LED magnetic drivers, I would use the 10ND. A majority of the readily available LED downlights should work fine on the 6ND for budgetary concerns. That being said, if you don't know what you have for the lighting, then spec the PRO to cover your bases. The amount of times that you'll need the 10ND from an original PRO spec is very small.
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    Thanks for the excellent response.

    Any thoughts on if there will be new hybrid keypads with the new PRO circuitry?

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