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Thread: Unresponsive dimmers/switches - GRX-3106

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    Unresponsive dimmers/switches - GRX-3106

    Hi there.Every few weeks, but increasingly so, our satellite dimmer/switches just stop responding. Their little LED lights stay on, but they cease functioning otherwise. The only way we can turn lights on or off is to use the main zone panel. I've tried doing the reset thing where you hold down two of the buttons on the main zone panel, but this doesn't seem to solve the issue.Any ideas what could be the problem? Often if one zones in the house becomes unresponsive, all the zones in the house do (but not always I think).Any guidance greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Incidentally, called Lutron and spoke to their legacy tech support team. They didn't have any ideas other than the usual hold-two-buttons-on-the-main-panel and try to get it to reestablish connection with the satelitte switches.At that point they tried to hand me off to their Homeworks team (I'm not even aware if my system is a Homeworks system?!), wherein I was on hold for 20 minutes and then the hold line went blank on me and hung up. Brilliant experience all around!

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    Thank you for your post mrpetrov.

    We do apologize for the issues you encountered with your system and your experience with our support line.

    It seems like we may have encountered some hardware issues on the Grafik Eye 3106. Are you aware if this Grafik eye talks to HomeWorks Processor or is it just stand alone? If you are not sure we would recommend emailing in to and we can setup a time to have an agent call you and troubleshoot this further. If possible please provide as many pictures of the hardware that is installed to ensure we get the correct agent for you. Hope this helps!

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    The first thing that comes to mind is that the low voltage power supply in the GRX is failing. You can add an external 12v power supply. Lutron sells them (GRX-12VDC I think). Any 12v DC power supply should work. You should disconnect pin #2 on the back of the 3106 but keep 1, 3, & 4 in place. The external power supply would connect to pin #2 (power) and pin #1 (common) anywhere in the low voltage chain.
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